Version History :
UpdateTime Version Notes File Size Download
2017-01-05 1.2.25(Beta)

1. fix the issue of wrong channel output when channel speed is changed
2. fix the issue of celsMin data display
3. fix the issue about logic sw
4. fix the issue of thr cut

2016-12-20 1.2.24(beta)

1. Fix the bug of telemetry data decimal announcement
2. Fix the issue of screenshot incompatibility
3. Fix the issue of upgrade not working when there is no FIRMWARE folder under SD card
4. Fix the bug of SPEED no response when UP and DOWN have settings
5. THR MIX will be activated if no SW is chosen under ACT mode

2016-12-06 1.2.23(beta)

1. fix the data display error when 2pcs FLVSS are used together
2. fix the model change bug
3. add the upgrade function for S.Port devices in menu system

2016-11-23 1.2.22(beta)

1. Fix the bug of PIT->RUD screen crash under HELI model
2. Fix the bug of logic switch invalid under TIMER screen
3. Add the timer and battery voltage announcements on SPEC FUNC screen
4. Add audio alarm for vario under SPEC FUNC screen
5. Optimize the TELEMETRY SETUP screens in alphabetical orders
6. Fix the bug of time display error after GPS sensor connected
7. V1.2.22L supports localization language while V1.2.22S CHN supports Simplified Chinese


2016-11-08 1.2.21

1. Fix the issue of invalid trim under GLIDER model
2. Add trim to the control source
3. Fix the bug of RF SWR

2016-10-28 1.2.20

1. optimise IXJT and implement dual antennas technology (under the external antenna mode, both internal and external antennas will be functional, FPV drones are suggested to use this mode) 
2. add fast switching by PgUp/PgDn for year, SYS/TELE for month
3. add LOGIC SW to the control source
4. add LogicSw to control the mixing switch
5. add multi-point curve, 11 points can be modified by the X-axis, beyond can be modified by the Y-axis (scroll up and down the curve control points in the edit mode by PgUp/PgDn)
6. fix the ailevator does not overlap RATES/EXPO curve problem under AIRPALNE NORMAL model

7. rebind after FW upgrade


2016-09-27 1.2.18

1. Improve the RF performance
2. Fix the issue of unable to delete the model file when copying due to the file name is too long

2016-09-14 1.2.14

1. Fix the issue of no access to the FLASH and SD card after reset
2. Fix the issue of system crash by wrong sized boot-up image

2016-09-09 1.2.12

1. Add voice alarm for inactivity after 15 minutes (add nooperation.wav file to SOUNDS/en/SYSTEM)
2. Add repeated intervals for specialFunction
3. Add repeated intervals for telemetry alarms
4. Long press the power button to shut the radio down when SD error at boot time (bug fix)
5. Fix the midpoint jumping issue caused by TRIM when switching between the flight modes (disable Instant Trim function temporarily)
6. Fix the telemetry voice bug
7. Fix the keyboard locked bug
8. Fix the reset bug when long press the power button
9. When playing the audio file, search system disk first, and SD card under the same path later if no luc