HELP! This is a problem that needs your attention. A lot of us Taranis users fly Competition Sailplanes. We experience a LOT of RSSI Warnings and RSSI Critical reports and sometimes short periods of loss control. After doing some testing with the RX antenna, I have found that the RX chooses which antenna will do the Receiving. And taht seems to change each time you turn on the system, so we can't optimize our installation. We are new modelers or idiots. We are experienced modelers who fly $3,000 models, with LOTS of technical experience Yes we have tried all of the various antenna variations and positions. It doesn't make any difference as we still get Warnings. Yes we have dropped the RSSI warning settings. The problem is the X series RX's. The D Series in the same models do not have the problem. You need to address this as many of the pilots are talking about quitting Fr/Sky and Taranis to move to one of the other brands. I am a columnist for Rc Soaring Digest Magazine, I have met your people at the Toledo RC Show. Please respond so that I can let everyone know that you are aware of the issue with the X series RXs. (Yes we have updated all the firmwares). Gordy 502 727 9595 Louisville Kentucky RETURN

Dear Friend,

Thanks for contact us, I don't heard the rssi issue of the X series RXs, as far as i know we tested there is no problem with RXs before leaving factory, so i suggest you making comparison tests with different RXs & TXs.

Best Regards